What is the Soapbox?

We’re sure you’ve seen these cool new photo booth things at your friends’ weddings and parties. They pull out the funny accessories and neat backgrounds and let your guests have at it for the night. Well, with the Soapbox we have added a new twist! Video! No, it’s not boring cliche interviews and messages from your guests congratulating you or sharing long boring life stories… The “Soapbox” booth is more than just a photo booth, it’s a chance for your guests to make you laugh for the rest of your life. Along with the photo booth features, The Soapbox, has a video message feature that is nothing short of a blast. After the photo strip spits out, your guests are prompted with ONE question (from a series of questions you choose) about you and your new partner in crime that are sure to get your guests laughing hysterically.

The Benefits:

:: 5’x5′ dimension fits up to 8 adults
:: Tent can be draped with event’s decor
:: Friendly host that helps direct your guests
:: Easy to follow on screen instructions
:: See yourself as you pose
:: Printed photo strips with name of the event
:: Black & White or Color prints