How Does it Work?

Having a “Soapbox” Booth at your event is easy and loads of fun! Each booth comes with a “host” to direct
your guests and help give them their photostrip.

Here’s the process:

(You can choose to have just photo, just video, or both capabilities.)

1. Set-Up

We arrive a few hours before your event starts to set up the booth and make sure everything is where it should be and looks great!

2. Props

Guests get to sift through dozens of hats, masks, and silly props and transport themselves back into childhood right before their very eyes.

3. The Booth

Guests easily follow the on screen instructions and can see themselves on the screen as they pose.

4. Video

Recording Guests are prompted to answer one of three questions/commands you choose from our list (or even come up with your own). They have 30 seconds to spill it!

5. Photo strip

While they’re still laughing, the booth takes four consecutive photos of everyone posing in the booth.

6. Exit

The “host” assists in printing a keepsake photostrip for your guests. Only takes a moment!

7. After the event

We deliver all the photos through Pixieset, or DVD, if you included the video of your guests on their “soapbox”.